Social Media Presence is Essential to the Success of Small Businesses 0

One of the biggest hurdles for small business owners to overcome, is that need to accept and engage in social media presence. Most do not see the value and significance to their business success. In some respect, you can’t blame them.  Social media sites are seeing by the public eye as an entertainment outlet for voicing your opinion, or to “catch up” with old high school friends. Often you hear of celebrities posting their thoughts or mundane daily activities, most people don’t care to know.  Most owners are busy running their small business that they don’t have time to post or tweet something on a regular basis.  

The reality though is that social media presence is here to stay and business owners need to embrace it or their will be having a difficult time attracting new customers and staying competitive.  Social media marketing helps small businesses stay relevant with potential customers. Your social circle might not be interested in your services at this time, but if you keep engaging and staying relevant, in the future they might. Their social circles indirectly see your posting and several of them might need your services and contact you, simply because their “friend” likes your page or website.

This untapped sales funnel is causing social sites to now offer business advertising on their sites. Social networks have evolved so much that search engine such as Google are now including social activity as part of the search results algorithms. Now search engine results can be influenced by who “likes” or “tweets” about your business or services.

In the near future all search engine results will be filtered first by preferences of social media circles. So if I am looking for service or product, businesses my friends have used or like will be displayed above those who do not. Running a successful business is very difficult as is. If as a business owner you resist to adapt to these social media changes, it will be hard to stay in business.

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