Why local SEO is important? 0

I am constantly asked by small business owners why they need to have a local SEO campaign. They think search engine optimization is simply having a website and listed in search engines.  Most don’t see the benefit of being a local business as an advantage, which can be used to attract more local prospective consumers

Local SEO is in layman terms is simply marketing strategies used to help local businesses become visible and relevant in search engine results within a specific local area for targeted keywords. In today’s competitive environment, it’s becoming harder for local companies to attract potential customers to their mortal and brick stores. Consumers are becoming savvier when it comes to product research than ever before. Local businesses need to adapt to these trends or risks of becoming extinct.

There is good news though; local businesses can use local SEO strategies to compete with big corporations and internet stores and thrive locally. While many products and services can be obtained online, there will always be reasons to use local companies.  One example is consumer service; consumers need to use local business such as in the food industry (restaurants) and health services (doctors).  Consumers need these products or services within specific geographical location. They search for places to eat out nearby. They don’t care to know about a great restaurant located on the other side of the country. Local marketing has become such a hot trend lately, that deep discount coupon websites have pop up everywhere connecting local business with potential local consumers, even Google has gotten into the act lately.

Effective local SEO is not simply adding or claiming your local business listings, but making sure is done properly. A minor mistake such as a variation of a business address such as “Drive” instead of “Dr.” in business listings can cause search engines to view each listing as two different businesses.  Local SEO is still in its infancy, but it is becoming more and more increasingly important for local businesses. Local SEO may follow the trend of social media, which has grown rapidly in a short time span.

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